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Watson’s clinic still free, but so priceless | Foundation News


It’s early Friday morning at the Doolittle Community Center, and a very tall man is leading 145 kids through calisthenics on one of the center’s two basketball courts. “C.J.!” the tall man shouts into a wireless microphone at regular intervals. “Watson!” the kids shout back in unison. The tall man shouts into the microphone again. “What are we gonna play?” “DEE-FENSE!” the kids shout back again. “How we gonna play it?” The kids get low to the floor and slap it with their palms. They make a heck of a racket for this early in the morning. READ MORE


Seven Questions for C.J. Watson | News

7 Questions

The former Bishop Gorman star and current Indiana Pacers point guard on why our city needs a pro franchise, inspiring kids to dream big and becoming the next Larry Bird (off the court, that is) - READ MORE

Return of C.J. Watson to the Pacers is helping solve their issues | News


The Indiana Pacers have been a mess since the All-Star break, which has moved public opinion about this team from being a challenger to the Miami Heat to being an easy Twitter joke about a team being a mess in the face of pressure. The team can't seem to get any continuity and players calling teammates selfish and requesting some rest before the playoffs begin hasn't really turned around the inconsistencies facing this team and the way they play offense for 48 minutes each night. READ MORE


SEED Project Mid-Term Update | News


The SEED Project is developing the next generation of African leaders. We use education and basketball as tools to help young people realize their potential. Through this, we empower our students to become the role models and mentors for future generations of African youth. Together, they will continue to build a stable, self reliant Africa, Read More to get an update on C.J.'s Scholars.


C.J. Watson: Answering the Critic(s)? | News


After being described as "expendable" and not "all that good," C.J. Watson promised to make his critic eat his words this season. Are Watson's advanced stats and all around play for the Pacers good enough to silence his doubters? READ MORE