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Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

What's up cyber world?! Well at least since the last time we last talked if, that's what we are doing. I have been battling a bruised foot injury, it has kept me out most of the preseason and all of the regular season games thus far. Hopefully I will be back in a week or so and the pain goes away for good and never comes back. The pain has been intense and has been consistent. I'm doing everything I can to get back on the court with my teammates. It's so frustrating to sit and watch them and not be able to go out and play with my them while playing the game I love so much. The team has been doing a great job so far considering how most of the team is injured. We got a couple big wins on the road and I'm sure know one thought we could win. Every game we have played thus far regardless of injuries we could've won. It's been a lot of close games, even without certain players playing (from injury or not with the team anymore) we are still a good team and we expect to win with who we put on the court. The team has worked hard each day and will continue to work hard and get us to the playoffs this year. I am also working hard to get back on the court and get back in shape, baby steps. I know I want to be out there so bad sometimes that I try to do a little more each day and test my foot to see what I can and can't do yet. Feels like all the work and time I put in during the summer is all in vain with getting hurt now. So frustrating, but like my massage therapist told one when I was feeling down about my injury "life and death are in the power of the tongue." So I just try to stay platitude throughout anything I may go through. I have get back in game shape after sitting out so much with the injury. I just thank god I'm out of the this boot I had to wear for like a week and a half. It was the most uncomfortable feeling walking in a boot then having to take the boot off when I got in the car because I can't drive with it on. Then having to put it back on when I got to my destination and to strap my self in it. I wish I would have recorded it to just have it to look back on and get some laughs out of it. Glad those days are over. I'm happy the holidays are around the corner. My favorite holiday is Christmas, everything about it I love, except for the cold weather. I'm a Vegas kid and it gets cold there but not like in Indiana where it gets 20 degrees and lower sometimes with snow. I love the colors of Christmas, the meaning of it and just giving gifts and helping others around this time. Jesus is the reason for the season. Even though I don't get many gifts anymore, and the joys of being a kid are far gone but I'm not complaining. I also like Thanksgiving because of the food and getting together with family and friends. I'm glad we don't play any games on the holidays this year so I get a chance to spend a day with my family and hopefully we don't have a practice. It will be good just to relax and kick back. But days off seem like they go so fast, time does fly when you don't have much to do. We are on our way to Dallas right now on a two game road trip. Hopefully the team can get two big wins and have a great thanksgiving then get back to it. Well hopefully by the next time I write a blog I'll be back on the court and helping the team keep up the winning ways in some way/shape/form or fashion. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!! It's better to give than to receive. -C.J.

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Another year another training camp which means another summer gone by to fast. I had a great summer, I've been working out, hanging out with family and friends, as well as doing foundation stuff to help others out. My foundation had a free basketball camp for the kids in my home (Las Vegas) community and we also helped distribute socks to the homeless with a sock drive. I am glad to be in a position where I can give back and help others, it feels great to see the smiles and gratitude when you do things out of the kindness of your heart, people really appreciate it and it makes it all worth it. I took a few vacations over the summer, went to Hawaii with my dad and brother for a little guys trip. We went for a basketball camp and played in a basketball game with other pros to help benefit the kids of Hawaii. We had a great time, got to see Maui again and enjoy the beach with the beautiful views out there. Of course I had to take my daughter to some theme parks and stuff. We went to Lego land and sea world in San Diego. It was my first time in San Diego and I was amazed by the city. I had always heard great things about it and it didn't disappoint at all. All that matters is my daughter had fun and she always does, at the end of the day it's all about, and for her. The season is approaching and it feels like it comes faster every year. The first regular season game is here in less than seven days and the 2014-2015 season will begin. I'm just hoping and praying I will be healthy for it and won't miss as many games as I did last year. We lost our best player and I'm sure everyone saw what happened this summer when Paul George got hurt on a freakish play, so we are going to have to come together and try to pick up the parts he helped us with to win so many games last year. When I saw the injury I knew it wasn't good but hoped for the best. I went to see him the same night in the hospital after it happened because the USA games where in Las Vegas and I was home at the time. I saw the sadness and shock on his face and just wanted to go and tell him it would be OK and use this as motivation to come back even stronger than before. I believe he will and I know he works hard and will get back when he's ready. We are on our way to Charlotte now for the last preseason game. Got another game to work out the kinks and fix things against some competition other than ourselves before the games start to really count. About to get some rest then its off to practice tomorrow, until the next blog..... -C.J.

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Haven't blogged for a while, I need to do a better job updating everyone, my bad. Anyways, we are in Toronto now we got stuck here last night because there was something wrong with our plane, better to be safe than try and fly out. This has happened to us three or four times this season, pretty rare, this has never happened to me before or at least not this many times. We got stuck few months back in Cleveland because of snow and then another time in Houston and we couldn't land in San Antonio so we had to take a bus from Houston to San Antonio. Try and imagine all of these tall basketball players stretched out on a bus taking up two seats trying to get comfortable to sleep, it's a sight to see. I've been hurt recently with a pulled hamstring and a elbow ailment that has been giving me problems. It's tough sitting on the bench watching and not being able to help the team. I'm trying to get back out there to help the team and do my part but also be healthy and have some rhythm and momentum going into the playoffs. We have been struggling lately winning a few than losing a few, but I still believe in our talent and know that it's championship or bust this year, we have the team that can win a championship I just hope we get back to hitting our stride and dominate in the playoffs with everyone healthy and on top of their game. It's going to be interesting in the playoffs this year, anyone can be eliminated, I don't think there's a clear cut favorite which is good for us. I don't think we are underdogs by any means but we have that mentality and a chip on our shoulders going into it, but we are still confident. I can't wait for the playoffs it's always a fun time of year, the energy in the playoffs is crazy and brings out the best in you, it's where you make a name for yourself, and as an added bonus the weather is better this time of year so that's always a good thing and brings out the happiness in people. -C.J.

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

As the regular season is only a few days away, I feel good about our team and our chances, barring any injuries (knocking on wood). I think our team has grown since the start of training camp and we have high expectations after last year, everyone here feels we now have the pieces to win a championship. During training camp we went to the Philippines to play a few games against the Houston Rockets, we learned a lot about ourselves. We weren't as good collectively as we thought. They blew us out each game by getting out in transition and knocking down threes at will. They are one of the most explosive offensive teams in the league and at the fast pace they play it makes them unique. The city of Taipei and Manila were great cities and the fans treated us very well over there. The games were sold out and the fans were excited to be at the first NBA games played in their country. The flight over and coming back were the biggest adjustment with the time change and then when we came back to the states I couldn't get back onto a regular sleep pattern and I'm still having issues. I'm up at all times of the night and can't fall asleep then get sleepy during the day. Hopefully this will change before Tuesday when the season starts. This is going to be an exciting season and I can't wait for it to start I feel a championship celebration coming for the Indiana Pacers this year. -C.J.

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

What's up fans, it's been a minute I know, just a brief catch up since last season. I opted out of my contract with the Brooklyn Nets to became a free agent and ended up signing a two year deal with the Indiana Pacers. I like the move and its an already proven playoff team with a lot of experience and plenty of young talent. The only bad part is I have to pack up my stuff, move again and find a new place and everything but it's all worth it in the end. It will make me stay in one place whenever I'm done paying basketball, I'm sure I won't be moving around all the time when my career is over. Hopefully that's not for another six to seven years from now.

A few days ago we had our first team practice, I like the coaches and everything so far, Larry bird is the greatest! Just shocking that I look up to a guy for his on court brilliance and off the court he's an even better person with a lot of knowledge, very humble and full of great stories that amaze me and keep me wanting to hear more.

Getting to know my teammates Im seeing they are some funny guys and since we know some of the same people it makes the adjustment much easier. Now I need to learn the system here, the plays and stuff like that so we can have great chemistry on the court that brings us an NBA championship, I think we have the team to do it. Once we gel and find the chemistry we need, we can play as a team and make it all work. We have some days where we have two practices and I know in a few days I'm going to be sore and I'm going to need plenty of ice and massages to get me thru it. Training camp is the worst, but it builds the team as a group, and with a lot of new players we need that. It also builds courage, heart and competition between the guys. Overall I'm excited about our chances to be a great team this year and looking forward to this season while also having a great year personally. That's all for now catch y'all in a few. -C.J.

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

I havent written a blog for a while, I've been slacking or shall we say busy, a lot has been going on including my move to Brooklyn (actually New Jersey, but playing in Brooklyn). This is my first time living on the east coast, I have always liked visiting the east coast but I am not too fond of the winter season, I hate the cold weather, which is why living in Vegas is perfect for me, it does get cold there in the winter time, at least cold to me. Brooklyn is a cool city, its very big and very diverse, there are all sorts of things to do and the food is amazing. When i would visit New York I never liked it much, it was always too packed with non stop traffic that was just annoying, I guess I still feel that way but after living here I am getting used to it, well at least a little bit. I still get frustrated and annoyed because I have to leave two hours early just to get somewhere on time. To update everyone on this season so far, since I have been neglecting the blog, we started off the season fast and we went 11-4 thru the first month and then we hit a rough patch, things weren't going great and as you may already know our head coach was fired and no one saw that coming, at least I didnt see it coming so soon. I felt like it was going to happen if we kept losing only because the team and management have very high expectations for us this season and they should. I did think it happened too fast and was very unfortunate for him, our team hasnt been gelling well during our losing streak, but we have won two in a row and hopefully we can get this thing back on the right track to finish this season strong regardless if we get a new head coach or just keep the interim coach. I am writing this as we are traveling to San Antonio, we have a three game road trip and hopefully we can at least go 2-1, if not win all three that would be great for us as a team. -C.J.

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

My last day in Johannesburg was a relaxing one, I went and got a well needed massage, then went shopping at Nelson Mandela square, its a very Americanized mall and really nice. I picked up a few gifts for some family members and some African towels for my house to go in my kitchen. Overall this last week and a half I have had the opportunity to meet some new people while seeing how it is to live in a different culture and it's all been well worth it. The pride that the African people live with in the countries I visited made me appreciate my life much more and taught me to never take things for granted. I kind of have a new outlook on life, I will respect it as well as the opportunities god has blessed me with each and every day. I am so grateful for my family, friends and also all my new lifelong friends which I met on my trip to Africa. It was overwhelming to see the history I saw as well as the present day and how far the countries have come from the old days. I would definitely like to come back and visit again in the future. Well, off to the airport now, heading back to America, my home sweet home, lol. I am grateful for this opportunity the NBA has given me, it's been a fun and eventful trip!!!! -C.J.

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

I woke up early again today but not as early as yesterday so that was good. Last night was actually the first night here I actually got some normal sleep (8 hrs). I usually sleep 3 or 4 hours then wake up for 4 hours then take a hour nap and then I am up by 8am to go eat breakfast. My time clock is all off, especially for sleep. As I was eating breakfast this morning a thought just popped into my head about the fruit I was eating here in Johannesburg and in Senegal, this happens to me from time to time, lol random thoughts just pop into my head, but I was just thinking how fresh the fruit is here in Africa instead of the USA. It's not processed or anything and tastes 10x better here which I enjoyed. This morning Luol Deng and I went to the courts with the campers to do a session of Hoops for Hope, which is a program that helps kids, encourages then to stay HIV free and teaches them about the disease and how to prevent it. They explained it by using basketball, which is a cool way to learn, we had 3 different stations and at each station the kids learned about sex, HIV, and ways to prevent the disease and stay disease free. The kids were very receptive and gave plenty of feedback and I think they had a great time. The drills weren't boring, nor were they lecturing, the games taught about sex and also showed you where and why the disease was spread or caught, the teachers really made the session, they were energetic and gave life experiences and examples about HIV/AIDs that the the kids could relate to. After that we took the kids through some drills and stations with the rest of the campers and coaches. After lunch we went to a township in Johannesburg to dedicate a new court to their community. The NBA is doing a great thing here in the community to keep the kids off the streets and to give them a positive alternative to do the right thing and stay fit and healthy while playing basketball. After the court dedication there were around 75 kids from the area which we put through some drills for about an hour. The kids had fun, maybe they didn't have all the skills but it was fun to be out there with them and teaching them about basketball and seeing the smiles on their faces. I went to dinner with a guy named Clifford Sacks, he and his family are great people and I had a great time, their son Buddy was so excited to meet me, he introduced me to cream soda here. It's not like in America, it's different, the drink is actually green and tastes much better than the cream soda on America, I wish I could ship some back to my house. After dinner we relaxed and had some drinks with a few friends, I'm really not the drinking type but I was trying to be social and mingle with friends and chit chat until we all went out for the nightlife here, which I'm usually sleeping for it since my time clock is all off and I've been up most of the day. I really didn't know what to expect from the night life here in Johannesburg, I heard good things about it and how it's a cool city to go out in. The clubs were all up to date just like the ones in America. The lounge was the first we went to, it was nice and classy, the music was good too, they played all the top hip hop songs from America and played a few African songs as well, the club was packed and full of energy. I had a great time with all of the coaches and staff from basketball without borders. We work hard but play harder, lol. It was fun to do something other than basketball with everyone. -C.J.

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Today was a repeat day but with a little extra twist lol. I woke up early today at 645 am to do some radio interviews with NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo, I met him once before and he's just as funny as he was when I first met him. His voice is so deep and low it's like a monster is talking and you can barely understand him, his English is just ok, lol, but all and all he's a great dude and I'm going to have to you tube him and watch some game clips on him, that's what I do when I have nothing to watch, I you tube clips of my favorite players to learn new moves and stuff. The radio people were funny, always joking and having fun on the air so they made all the interviews go by really fast and kept it fun. After our radio interviews we went back to the hotel to grab quick breakfast then to the courts for some stations with the players for 2 hours. Today my station was point guards with BJ Johnson, the Houston Rockets director of player personnel. We had some hard working guards and they got better and better each drill and seemed to quickly pick up the things we were teaching them. After the drills we went to lunch then to a small suburb in Johannesburg and partnered with NBA cares to help build houses for a few African families, it was a very humbling experience to see the families that we were building the houses for. They seemed so happy and excited that they were getting a brand new house. I was happy to help and also sharpen my building and brick laying skills that I haven't put on display in awhile. My partner Dikembe Mutombo was always joking and having fun, he made the time go by a lot faster, but we did get pretty far I think our wall was the tallest by the time we had to leave. -C.J.

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

I woke up energized on this great sunny Thursday morning and on the way to the gym I was thinking its so weird to me that they drive on the opposite side of the street and the steering wheel is on the opposite side as well. It's normal to the people here but to us Americans it's different, I know I would probably accidentally drive on the wrong side a few times until I got used to it. We would need to adapt to their culture. Today was the first day for the basketball without borders camp for the boys and girls. It was structured like a regular camp, there was about 50 young men and about 25 young women, I believe this was the first year they Added the girls to the program which I'm sure they were excited about. We broke into stations and put the kids to work, they were eager to learn, which made it so much easier and fun to teach them. There was some raw talent, but overall there were a lot of good players there. These kids are so tall, long and lanky. They just need to learn the basics and fundamentals of the game and they will be good to go. After the camp we did a few stations and a relay race at the end for the Special Olympics kids, and they were just as eager if not more to learn. It was good to see the smile on their faces and to see how much fun they were having being there at the camp. They played with so much joy and passion at each station they were at, and were anxious to learn.  -C.J.

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Upon our arrival in Johannesburg you could tell the difference between here and Senegal just by the airport. The airport in Senegal was very small and low maintenance, here in Johannesburg the airport is like an airport you would find in a major city in America. In Johannesburg it already feels like new york and I haven't even been outside of the airport yet, it has an American feel to it. We were greeted by NBA security at the airport and hopped in some vans and were on our way. Driving on the freeway you couldn't tell you were in Africa. We are staying at the Hyatt Regency, it is spectacular, it's like walking into the four seasons in New York or something. Usually when I get to a hotel and I haven't been there before I walk around and see the accommodations just so I know where things like the weight room or spa are if I decide to use it while I'm staying there. So I was walking around killing some time and I wanted to go check out the weight room and I see Serge Ibaka and my old teammate Luol Deng, I say hello to both and talk to Luol for a minute about his recent trip to Tanzania for the sports envoy and some small talk. It was good seeing him and talking to him again, I'm sure we will hang out a lot since we won't be playing together next season, going to miss my buddy and miss playing with him and my old teammates. I have mosquito bites everywhere, I'm here itching like crazy, I don't even know how the mosquitoes got to me because most days i was wearing long pants and I even used spray repellent on my skin and clothes too, man these mosquitoes be working and getting there moneys worth out of us humans, lol. After I got settled in to my room and unpacked I walked around the mall attached to the hotel. It's a pretty mall with tons of stores and shopping, I went to exchange some money so I could buy a few gifts for my family so they can't say I didn't think about them on the trip, or I didn't bring them anything back. Later in the afternoon we took a tour to the Apartheid Museum, it was a great tour, there is so much of a historical background at this museum, even going through once you feel like you didn't get a chance to see and read everything that they had available to you about South Africa. It told the journey from race classification and how whites and non whites were portrayed, how segregation played a big part in political warfare. The most interesting part to me about the museum was all the information it gave on the great Nelson Mandela, it told his life story, and about the all the good he stood for and how he fought for peace in his country. It told all about his imprisonment and even showed a replica of his cell, actual letters he wrote to his family, and his feelings on politics and everything while he was imprisoned. He was an inspiration to millions, fighting for what he believed in. -C.J.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

This morning we had a flight at 7am leaving Senegal for Johannesburg, I didn't sleep at all last night, I was up the entire time since I wasn't that tired from the camp, I was just bumping some music in my hotel room and catching up on some backed up emails I haven't read yet, that kept me up until I had to leave the hotel at 5am. The flight was about 7hrs, you don't realize how far apart things are on this continent until you actually travel or look at the map. It shocked me, I would have thought it would've been closer, but I was wrong. I slept the entire way on the flight, hopefully they have a massage place here I can easily find because I know I have a bad crook in my neck from sleeping wrong on the plane lol. I heard Johannesburg is like New York City so I'm excited to see what it's like, I have heard nothing but great things and how Senegal and Johannesburg are night and day from each other. I'm glad I will get to see both the rich and the poor parts of Africa and get a real African experience, not only seeing the good parts, I wouldn't want it any other way.  -C.J.

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

This morning it was pouring rain which caused a lot of Senegal to flood. Our first clinic got pushed back because of the weather, they had to move the location to two different spots before we found a gym that wasn't leaking water from the ceiling or flooded, but I'm glad the gym was available because the kids were so excited and to disappoint them would have been heartbreaking since they don't have a lot of professional athletes or camps at their disposal. There was around 50 kids at this camp and since the rain prevented doing two sessions today we just did one big one and had all the kids at once. There was limited space since there was only 2 hoops but we made it work and the kids were as energetic as ever. There are some hoopers in this session too. It still amazes me how athletic these young kids are and how long and talented they are compared to the American kids, at least from what I have seen from both the girls and guys. The girls aren't as tall but skills are just as good as any girl their age in the states. After our camp session today went back to the hotel, ate lunch and got ready to go to the dinner/reception party at Ambassador Lewis Lukens house. There were about 50 different sports and cultural contacts from Senegal at this reception. I met different US Embassy staff members, as well as the Ambassadors wife and family. I got a chance to Interact with a few exchange students who went to America to study abroad and I learned about their experience going to the states, which was cool to hear. After the reception I went to dinner at the hotel where I ate spaghetti bolognaise for the 6th time in a row. The only time I didn't eat spaghetti is for breakfast, lunch and dinner I ate spaghetti everytime lol. I was just worried about getting sick because a few of the people we came here with got really sick, so I decided to keep eating what I already knew and I stuck with the pasta lol. After dinner I had to go back to the casino and try and win the money back I lost the night before at roulette and I did just that lol. I won almost 4x what I lost the night before so I won what I lost and plenty more, so today was a good night and it ending on a great note lol . -C.J.

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Early day today, I woke up at around 7am, had a good breakfast, nice hot shower and got in the car to find out we had to drive another hour and a half, which I used to catch up on some well needed sleep, still trying to adjust to the time change. When we arrived at the Seeds Academy in Thies, Africa, it was a renovated area where they house and school young men. Seeds is a non profit NGO which houses approximately 20 young men per year, they educate them and have intense basketball training. They just celebrated their 10th anniversary, the academy is exceptionally strong and prosperous and also has an indoor court where the clinic was held. I believe The Seeds Academy has the only indoor court in Thies. The gym was extremely hot which made it a great atmosphere for an athlete. We did different stations and drills for the kids and we had a great time. There were about 6 different stations teaching the kids dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, and rebounding. There were girls and boys and they were all great and I saw a lot of talent in each of the two sessions. After the drills the kids got to play and that's when you really got to see their talent on display. The girls were competitive and playing hard, executing on different cuts, passing, dribbling and shooting. I was shocked at the some of the girls talent, they really surprised me. The boys were throwing behind the back passes on point, euro steps, and dunking the ball like none other. All of the kids here in Senegal are long, athletic and skinny, they have great upside, both girls and boys, and they might even be a step ahead of the kids in the US, as far as talent at their age. It was crazy how talented they were with such lack of facilities at their disposal. The worst part of the day or even the trip so far is the flies, lol, they are everywhere, and tons of them, but even the people here aren't used to them, so I can't complain about it just keep fanning them away is about all you can do. -C.J.

Friday, August 24th, 2012

It's always been my dream to take a trip or vacation to Africa, and now that I'm finally getting ready to go there I'm nervous, but still excited to get this experience as well as learn and see a new culture. I'm going with the NBA Basketball without borders program, so each day or every other day I'm going to be writing a blog or journal to let you all know about my trip and hopefully I can attach some pictures to it so everyone can see. Right now I'm on the airplane taking this long flight there and honestly I'm just happy I got on the flight, I was almost late and almost missed the flight. Leave it up to me to almost be late but I'm on it and anxiously waiting to get to the motherland. -C.J.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Well this last season was hectic dealing with the lockout and all of the injuries to the team. We had high expectations but came up very short of our goal, a championship. Overall the last two seasons I spent as a Chicago Bull were monumental for my career, I loved the city, the fans, and my teammates were all the best. We had a great time together playing on the court achieving a lot with the best record in the NBA the last two seasons. We all got along off the court which made winning even more special, I'm really going to miss my teammates and all of the coaches, trainers, and other staff at the United Center and Berto practice facility. I wouldn't trade these last two years for anything and with all the success and fun we had as a team as well as our own individual success and meeting new people and going different places has been great. I never wanted to leave Chicago, I always hoped and thought I would be there for the last year of my contract and thought management would give our team we had at least one more chance because we, as players, knew we had a championship team and believed we could win it all if we were all healthy but we weren't 100% and we didn't do as well as we had pictured, especially coming off of a year where we reached the eastern conference finals. As we all know the Chicago Bulls didn't pick up my option, which is ok, no hard feelings at all because like I said I enjoyed my time there and the people I met, but they had to make a business decision and I have to move on and continue my career elsewhere, which now I will be a Brooklyn Net. I'm very excited about the move and think it will be great to live and play in New York, Ill get to meet new people and develop more relationships with my new teammates and coaches. I never really liked new York after the first time I visited for one of my former teammates weddings, but since I go back a few times a year during the season it has grown on me and now I'm in love with the city. Playing in New York means a lot with all of the basketball tradition New York has, being one of the places where a lot of ballers come out of and me being from the west coast I always wanted to play well in New York when I would play there so I could show them there are ballers from the west coast too and we have game. I recently went to Jersey with my brother to find a place to live during the season and also sign my contract. I found a place in Jersey which seems like its a lot slower paced than New York, which I like, even though I'm a city boy at heart with a little country feel lol. I really think I'm going to enjoy Jersey and playing for the Brooklyn Nets and I believe we will be a team to be reckoned with in the eastern conference. It will be a little adjustment getting used to the guys and what they like to do on the court but as we get better and the season moves along I believe we will be a team that will and can contend for a title. At least that's the goal that I have and I hope my new teammates have the same goal as well.  -C.J.

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

This summer has been a fun so far, I've been doing a lot of traveling, went to Hawaii, which was a great trip with my daughter. I took her to the Disney resort in Hawaii where we went snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, to a luau, and she got to meet all the Disney characters and take pictures with them all, she had a blast and that's what it's all about. It seemed like we were there for two weeks but we were only there for 6 days. I also had my annual basketball camp this summer at the end of july with my my foundation (Quiet Storm foundation), It went really well. Its always good to bring kids together and show them a great time while learning different basketball skills, learn from different speakers that give back their time and life experiences to maybe even help change a kids perspective on life while keeping them focused on being positive and doing the right things in life. Just to see the kids smile on their faces, to hear them say they had a fun at the camp and can't wait for next year, it speaks volumes about the foundation and all the volunteers who offer their time to also give back to the kids for the basketball camp. We had numerous sponsors this year (Peak, Raising Canes, G2Cdesigns, and Southwest Gas just to name a few) and they all came through and were pleased with the outcome. I also went back to knoxville, tennessee where I attended college and did a shooting clinic. I was kind of skeptical of doing a camp there since I haven't been back to my college in 3 or 4 years. So I didn't know how the turnout or what kind of response the camp would get, but when I walked into the gym and saw 150 kids I was shocked and was overwhelmed with the turnout. Again it's not about me it's all about the kids and if they are having fun, learning and most importantly smiling. I have seen a lot of people at the camp that I hadn't seen for a while some fans, some friends and it was just great to be back in Knoxville and seeing the people I saw while in college and also having my first camp there, it turned out to be a great success. Once again all the volunteers and coaches who helped support the camp really deserve all the credit because it wouldn't be the success it was without their help, their time and effort teaching the kids different drills.  -C.J.

Tuesday, May 14, 2012

I am not really excited about how our season ended and I have been taking a lot of heat from the pass at the end of the game but I believe in my Heart that I made the right play. I haven't looked at the play yet but I'm sure I will soon maybe one time before the season starts so I can evaluate my play as well as look back over the season I had and try to improve and learn from things I did and didn't do correctly and use that to get better and practice in those areas during the summer. During the year I had plantar facitis in my feet with a number of other injuries but that's no reason to make any excuses for my good or bad plays during he year. I elected to wait and get the surgery on my feet after the season so I could fully rest them, especially with after this season coming off of the lockout year and rough schedule with no rest time. So I'm a little nervous about the surgery but I'm sure I will be fine. Even though our season is over I'm looking forward to next year as a Bull, hopefully I will be back but the team has my option for next year so I am hoping they will give this team one more good shot at a title run before they dismantle it. We had a lot of injuries which I believe was our downfall. Our best player was hurt a lot throughout the season and almost every player on our team had some kind of major injury at one time or another. Then as the playoffs were starting we were excited to start them because we felt we had a great shot at beating who ever was on front of us. Even though the playoffs came really fast we felt we were as healthy as we could get by the start of them. Then as the first game unfolds our MVP goes down and we couldn't recover from that devastating blow. D-Rose to me is one of the best point guards in this league if not the best, and when he went down, it was like "not now" and we couldn't recover. We gave the sixers our best blow and it just wasn't enough. I hope that his rehab and process goes well and he comes back even stronger because with him we are a championship team without him we are still good, but not as good as we are with him, anything is possible but we would much rather have the MVP with us on the court than watching from the sidelines. So hopefully next year he will be back faster, stronger, and better than before and I hope he wins the MVP again like he did before.  -C.J.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Me and one of my former teammates were working out one day and we were talking about the lockout, we heard things were getting close to being resolved and right after working out we found out things fell apart. We were hopeful, but David Stern is a tough cookie. We were mad and depressed slightly and said let's just go away for like a week we've been workig out hard, staying In shape, we owe it to ourselves to take a nice vacation every now and then. So we decided to go to Cabo in Mexico. One of the best decisions we've made lol. It was my first time there and it was beautiful, we took our families and made it into a great trip. His daughter and my daughter are like bff's even though they are 2 years apart. The water was blue and you could see right through it, white sand and great food. I conquered one of my fears by going on the jet skis in the middle of the ocean. I'm not going to lie I was scared as hell, I thought a shark would jump out and try to eat me. I had a great time overall. Now I'm going to go back every summer. A few weeks ago one of my former teammates, Matt Barnes, had a charity basketball game in San Jose for his foundation. It was a fun event. I was shocked at the turnout of fans. It was sold out! The bay area fans are some of the most supportive fans, they are crazy about their bay area sports, especially the Warriors and Raiders. Some of the most fierce fans ever. The game was fun very entertaining, even though my team lost, there's always next year. It was good seeing my former teammates and also getting to know some of the older Warrior players that I looked up to while being a kid like Jason Richardson, Gilbert Arenas, and Antwan Jamison. This past week a tv/ film crew has been following me around doing a story feature on me and how I grew up, my life and story on getting to the NBA. It was weird having them follow me around but it was also fun. This week went by so fast, I think it was because of them. We have been busy doing stuff everyday, everything scheduled down to a T. I hope the story turns out well and is a hit. Still waiting for this lockout to be over with, its crazy it has lasted this long but we knew it would get somewhat ugly. I get mad everytime I think about the lockout or not playing basketball right now. Don't know why but I guess I understand a little more about (putting on my business hat) why things have gotten this far and why the season hasn't started. I just hope sooner than later we reach a fair agreement, not just from the players side but owners also. There's more at stake here than the players and owners there are innocent people and their families struggling to make ends meet and it seems like noone cares, but we players do, and we just want to play and make everyone happy. Enough of that..!!!! With the holidays coming up I'm trying to see what my family is going to do, I know I don't want to go anywhere in the cold and for the first time since like high school I'm going to most likely be with all my family for both holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes during the season we are either playing or on the road and some of my family try to come to a game and this year I'm excited to be with all of them. Since its a lockout I had to tell them there won't be any extravagant gifts this year for Christmas lol. So they better be happy with my gag gifts this year. I thinking about getting them these toy games and put $200 inside the game. But the trick is to get the money outside of toy you have to beat the handheld game lol. I think they will get a kick out of it. I'm sure after a few tries and they don't beat the game they will just break it to get the money out lol. -C.J.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What's up fellow bloggers, nothing much here just waiting on this lockout to end. Since we have been locked I've been preparing for the season like It would start on time. Working hard in the gym and running on the track to prepare myself for next season rather it be in the USA than overseas somewhere. I'm looking forward to have a great season next year and help to my team do better than we did last year and hopefully hold up that trophy at the end of the day. I've also been working on my golf game which needs alot of work and doing pilates to help my flexibility during the lockout. I've been spending alot of time with family and just trying to keep my body healthy and strong in case it ends sooner then expected. Never been home in Las Vegas during this time and the weather is actually pretty nice, not as hot as it is in the summer so I'm enjoying the unemployment life but definitely would rather be in training camp with my team. Well hopefully by the next blog we will be playing and you fans will be seeing the sport that you and I love so much. Until next time same bat channel same bat time..... -C.J.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sorry it's been a while my fellow bloggers, been a little busy, and I've been forgetting to write my thoughts and blog for you all. This summer has been great, traveling, going around doing different appearances and stuff because of the the successful season we had as a team last year. That's one of the perks of being on a good playoff team and being one of the last four teams in the race to win a championship. You get to do and go cool places during the summer and meet all kinds of different people. Of course I would have rather been playing for a world championship but hopefully next year we get this thing figured out and back in the same place but change the outcome. Over the summer I've been working out, working on my jumper, ball handling and took up pilates to try and become more flexible. I know, sounds weird right, but it's actually a good workout and I feel more limber and when I'm on the court playing or working out I feel more flexible and faster. My family and I went to Disney World this summer and Disneyland for my daughters birthday. I haven't been to either since I was like 8 or 9 and barely remember anything from those trips, but I could see how much fun it was for me as a kid. My daughter had a great time she did everything except she would cry everytime I mentioned splash mountain. My Dad made her get on it. I hate rollercoasters and I'm afraid of heights so he took her on it and she's been frightened of it ever since, even if I say the words splash mountain she starts crying. Too funny. Up early about to go get this good workout in then continue to see what's up with this lockout. Hopefully it's over soon for the fans because they are the ones really missing out they deserve better -C.J.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey what's up bloggers. I'm back!!! Playoffs have started and its a new excitement to be in the post season now. With this being my first playoffs I'm really excited and going out trying to prove myself each and every time I step on the court. We are up 2-0 on the Indiana Pacers right now. Once again I'm blogging while on the airplane. Its the only time I have some down time to really blog or even remember to. The Pacers are a tough team, each game has came down to the wire and I think each game will from here on out especially on their court. But I think we are a focused team right now each player is playing hard with a chip on his shoulder. We haven't played up to our standards yet which is good for us and we are somewhat fortunate to be in the position we are in because we could easily be down two games. On another note besides basketball, my birthday just passed on April 17th. I know I'm getting old at 27. My biological clock is ticking slowly but surely. Feels weird not getting presents anymore. As you get older the number of presents you get start to trim down each year. Like now all I get is cards, no presents sucks being an adult. Wish I was a kid again. I had a great birthday though spending it with my family which is all I could ask for, being around the people that love me the most. All my family wasn't there but most of them were wish I couldve seen them all though. We had a great time, watched some playoff basketball, my chef made some stuffed catfish which is so good, I think he gets mad at me though because I always put ketchup on his food, and I think that offends him, oh well he will get over it. My daughter made me my favorite dessert, confetti cake with strawberry icing and sprinkles. She's not a bad cook for a 3yr old I know she didn't learn how to cook from me. Well we are about to land before i forget go get that JET magazine, I'm in the april issue so check it out and tell me what you think. I haven't even seen it yet so Ill go get me a copy too while I'm in Indiana. Also go get those bench mob tshirts!!! Go Bulls!!! See you in round 2 of the playoffs. Same Bull channel, same Bull time!!! -C.J.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I haven't written a blog in a while, my bad I've been a little busy with basketball and just life. Been trying to to get to know the great city of Chicago and all this cold weather which I still can't stand. Since my last blog we have been on a recent tear, in the NBA we are one of the hottest teams in the league and we are playing great together as a unit. We have the leagues MVP in my eyes on our team leading us with one of the best benches in the league aka "the bench mob" and we also have the potential coach of the year. We have a few tough losses but I think as a team we all learned from the losses and took them pretty hard. One thing about our team is when we lose games we usually come back and go on like a 7 or 8 game winning streak so I hope that's how we will continue to respond. Its getting close to the end of the season and we only have 9 games left I think. I lose track from time to time, I have a bad memory. But its getting closer to the playoffs and it will be my first time in the playoffs so I'm as excited like a kid going to a candy store. Our team can go far and everyone on the outside thinks we can win it, but we know we have to take it one game at a time and not listen to the media or any outside critics. I'm writing this blog on our way to Minnesota. I get a lot of things accomplished on the plane as well as some extra needed sleep, so plane rides are good for me. Well, about to be knocked out on this flight. Tune in for the next blog, same Bulls channel same Bulls time lol, I'll try and get them in more now. -C.J.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whats up everyone welcome to CJs cyber world. thanks for coming thru and taking a look at the new site. So far the season is going great. we are off to a good start, im happy to be in a new situation and hope that it brings great success for me. its been an adjustment getting used to a new city, getting to know new teammates and coaches, but its been exciting so far. The only thing i dont like is this cold weather Chicago has for me, not liking that one bit but even people who have grown up here say the cold weather is something you can never get used to. -C.J.